Visual support for a conference 2021

Visual support for a conference 2021

ACCC & FINNISH ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCE NETWORK CONFERENCE took place in November 22-23 2021 as a hybrid event on-site (Helsinki) + on-line and I stepped in to generated several data-based illustrations.

Visualising the participants from registration data

I had been chasing for a while the chance to produce data-driven badges for a conference and I finally got a go with this. The uncertainty (because Covid19 ) whether the event would need to be hybrid or not changed plans to a collective portrait, that is, all the badges together. This is the poster about it:

I tuned the ACCC logo with the portrait cloud and used it as a “conference” anchoring image for visual material (slides deck, sing post, paper badges):

Including some motioned network for time-filing before sessions:

Visualising the network from submitted abstracts

I received the abstracts each one in a separate pdf, had to extract manually the info (only 132) about authors, affiliations, title, keywords, and conference session. I used Sci2 to extract the network and Gephi to render it. The network was used to allow the abstract exploration.

One overview of Topic, Authour, and KeyWor at :

And a more detailed detailed interactive exploration, hosted in github, with Search options


For the portrait I used the main color of the logo of each institution. Network and slides referred to the dominant colors in the tuned logo.


To get the material on time: when the submission is extended, be prepared to re-do the graphs with new additions and be in a hurry 2 days before. Because the workflow is already automatised, no problem.
To get the material machine-readable: needs planning beforehand with the rest of the organizers.

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