Figure for an article 2020

Figure for an article 2020

Original figure for the paper “New insight to the role of microbes in the methane exchange in trees: evidence from metagenomic sequencing” by A. Putkinen, HM. P. Siljanen, A. Laihonen, I. Paasisalo ,K. Porkka, M. Tiirola, I. Haikarainen, S. Tenhovirta, M. Pihlatie. New Phytologist(2021)231:524–536. Thank you Mari Pihlatie for your trust.


1.Show locations and qualitative strength of evidence of two different processes performed by four different organisms.
2.Draw structuraly and citologically accurate figures. Lots of backgound information and images !
3.Use of color and contrast.

It wold have been cool to be a ble to use a heat map approach to show the locations. But to show the organism type was required and it was felt then that could not be combined with this color mapping.

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