A catalogue of research stations 2017-2019

A catalogue of  research stations 2017-2019

As it reads in their site: “The PEEX “Pan-Eurasian Experiment” program is a multidisciplinary climate change, air quality, environment and research infrastructure initiative focused on the Northern Eurasian particularly arctic and boreal regions. It was founded by several European, Russian and Chinese research organizations and institutes.”
One of the first tasks I was given when I started working with them was to create a catalogue of research stations. It is freely accessible from their infrastructure data section.
Here I show some highlights.

Each station in the catalogue has its own page where different type of information is placed consistently. The regions of the page are slightly color-coded to help separating the information. the color palette is given by colors used in earlier project’s material.

I used a custom icon to identify the type of surface the station was located.

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