I am available for freelance and contract work.

I provide assistance with scientific illustrations, data visualization, and facilitation of science communication. I can work for you in small to medium-size projects or I can complement a larger team of awesome people. I love to coach about all this via seminars and consultancies.

I provide visual content to explain your scientific activity whether it is for a scientific paper, for your thesis, to pitch for your research, to complement your funding applications, for your project website, or your journalistic piece

I embrace many visual forms, tools, and mediums — whichever suits better to the message. I work with both conceptual and quantitative visualizations. Including plots, figures, schemes, drawings, maps, visual abstracts, short animations, short videos, posters, slide decks, infographics, project branding, layouts, and interactive visualizations.

For data visualization projects, in addition to the design and execution of the visual material, I am fluent in data processing and data analysis.

+ I would like to go field sampling again

On-site/Remote : Turku, Finland — 60.45° N, 22.27° E — Time zone EEST


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